The Universal Credit Journal – another Millstone in the System.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Image result for Universal credit journalAccess to Universal Credit now available on Star Trek Enterprise Communicator:

Image result for starship enterprise communicatorUC Journal Log-in.

A number of our commentators have talked about the Universal Credit ‘Journal’.

From a link given about how UC is social engineering to change people’s behaviour we find this:

The government is also determined that universal credit will require you to set up an online account and fill in an internet job search ‘journal’ before receiving any money. Even though one in ten UK households do not have internet access, it’s now the only way to get the benefits you are entitled to. Universal credit was the only benefit claim line with a paid-for phone number, the DWP said, because it is intended as an internet-only system: ‘the expectation is that claims are made online’. The charge was not there to make money, but to try to stop most claimants calling them at all. It…

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Panorama -Universal Car Crash


BBC  Panorama Highlighted some of the issues with Universal Credit  with the focus on Housing Benefit Direct Payment process. While this may have been a overall a shock for those who watched the programme who may have never even heard of it, It wasn’t a shock to Disability Campaigners and those who need to make a claim!  The Media has been in full swing recently highlighting the many issues this controversial benefit failings, forcing the Government to make significant changes to the managed migration process as MP’s,charities,many DPO’s including CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) and SSAC (Social Security Advisory Committee) all advising the Government that changes must be made before the next cohort is transferred Secretary of State Ester McVey made considerable concessions to appease the outrage,which combined with fact the UN Rapporteur Philip Alston was visiting the UK looking at Welfare Reform and Poverty felt like a PR stunt to…

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Universal Credit is set to cost billions more than legacy benefits, says government’s spending watchdog

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Related imageDespite the widespread concerns about the financial hardships that Universal Credit has created for many people , the government’s official spending watchdog says that the Conservative’s flagship policy will, nonetheless, cost the UK billions more than the legacy benefits system over the next five years. 

In its response to the Autumn Budget, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) changed its previous prediction in March 2018 that the government’s controversial welfare overhaul will save public money. Instead, the OBR now forecasts that Universal Credit will cost ‘the taxpayer’ £7.1bn more than the current system between 2019/20 and 2023/24.

That amount also includes new funding for the programme announced by chancellor Philip Hammond on Monday in response to the serious concerns raised by MPs about the impact Universal Credit is having on people.

However, the OBR added that even without these measures, which include an extra £1bn for transition support and a…

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The IRA’s Youngest Torture Victim

The Irish Peace Process

While the IRA abducted, tortured, murdered and ‘disappeared’ many civilians in the course of its unnecessary murder campaign, its youngest torture victim was 15 year old Bernard Teggart from New Barnsley Crescent in West Belfast.

The lives of Bernard and his identical twin Gerry had been disrupted two years earlier when their father, Daniel, had been shot dead by paratroopers in Ballymurphy in disputed circumstances. This left their mother, Bella, to raise 13 children on her own.

Bernard and Gerry had been sent to St. Patrick’s Detention Centre for truancy. They were required to stay there from Sunday night until Friday evening every week, but were allowed home for weekends.

St.Patricks-Home-379mj11-1024x682 St. Pat’s from where the IRA abducted the twin teenagers

Bernard had witnessed a number of IRA men hijacking a beer lorry and saw one IRA man holding a gun to the driver’s head. He had allegedly gone to driver’s…

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PMQs showcases a government that is spiteful and Conservative with the truth

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In a very wealthy so-called liberal democracy, from 2016 to last year, these are the reasons why people were referred to food banks. The highest number of referals are among the low earners, demonstrating the government’s slogan ‘making work pay’ is a myth. Work does not pay for many. However, the government chooses to gaslight the population about consequences of it’s policies.

Today in Prime Minister’s Questions: 

As my local Labour MP, Kevan Jones quipped: “the Conservatives will be celebrating re-opening workhouses next.”

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Labour Needs Policies to Replace Universal Credit to Rebuild the Welfare State.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Image result for mark Serwotka speech

“We need to see a Corbyn government commit to overturn decades of attacks on and ridicule of benefits claimants and return to the founding principles of a properly-resourced welfare state”  PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka.

A number of our commentators have been, rightly, dissatisfied with the lack of a strong Labour voice, above all, Labour Party Policy, on welfare issues.

These range from silence on the benefit freeze (which needs to be ended), to an alternative to the Universal Credit car-crash.

There remains talk about a pause to implementing Universal Credit (a 2017 petition – a bit late now).

The acting Shadow Secretary for Work and Pensions, Margaret Greenwood, seems to have said little since just before the long summer holidays, apart from continuing to criticise government policies (“Delays in payments of Universal Credit are sending victims back to abusive partners – Margaret Greenwood.” August the 1st).

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