Cameron calls claims of Westminster abuse a ‘conspiracy theory’ and security services silence journalists. (#ChildAbuse #UK #Politics)

Order Of Truth

cssabResponding to the report by NSPCC director, Peter Wanless (known as the Wanless Report), David Cameron said “It is important that it [the report] says that there wasn’t a cover-up. Some of the people who’ve been looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere”.

A couple of important points.

One is that the Wanless report did not say there was or was not a cover-up. It stated that investigations found no evidence of a cover up, and that a cover-up was unlikely based on the information Wanless was able to access.

Secondly, claims of abuse within the corridors of power have never been a ‘theory’. There has been clear evidence time and again that some kind of abuse of children was highly likely to be taking place by high profile abusers. The problem has been taking investigations forward when there is institutional protection which makes accessing information or investigating…

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