Daily Fail Caught Using Fake Story To Stir Up Hate Against Benefit Claimants

Same Difference

Vox Political carries this report of the Fail’s latest, well, failure. And in the words of today’s teenagers, readers, this really is an epic fail!

The Daily Mail has been accused of using an actor to fabricate a story stirring up hatred against benefit claimants.

Its article I’m TOO FIT to work! Gym enthusiast who spends four hours a day working out claims benefits because ‘boring 9 to 5 jobs interfere with his fitness regime’ purports to be telling the story of Kamran Kam, and states: “He openly admits that he is making no effort to get a job, believing that fit people should not have to pay taxes that go towards treating overweight people on the NHS.”

However, Justice4Jobseekers has exposed this as a lie – because the Mail article is itself a job for Mr Kam, who is in fact an actor. His profile can be viewed here

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