Final death blow to ‘#democracy’ as #Conservatives return to government. (#UK #politics)

Order Of Truth

ssdeathMany people across the UK remain shell-shocked after the result of the general election was announced on Friday.

A party which has proven itself to be totally incompetent during the past 5 years in government has somehow found it’s was back into Number 10.

The Conservatives are claiming a ‘victory’, but it is no victory at all when we take a closer look at how the British people voted.

66.7% of voters voted AGAINST a Tory government. The majority of British people do not want another 5 years of oppression, destruction, and being forced into economic slavery at the hands of ‘large corporation society’.

As a percentage of the UK population, only 24% wanted a Tory government to return, consigning the other 75% to 5 more years of hell.

Those are the true results of the general election.

So when we ask the question “Does the election result reflect the…

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