The onslaught of child benefit welfare propaganda continues- The UN TV Guide 12/06/15


Benefits, babies and Jail, 5*, 4pm

This afternoon Five Star are showing a programme called ‘ Benefits, babies and jail’ in their now dedicated to welfare propaganda 4pm slot. Apparently this is episode three of six, but I like most other people don’t watch Channel 5, let alone it’s spin off channels, so I was unaware they had this abundance of welfare propaganda programming.

I mean, sure the main channel has ‘Skint’ and ‘ On Benefits And Proud’ but this seems to be a hidden attempt at hiding away propaganda on an obscure channel on a daily basis. Of course, like Channel 5, Five Star is owned by Viacom and set up by the Government so any such things shouldn’t come as a shock. Upon reading the synopsis it actually sounds like it is on the peoples side but it won’t be.

The title alone, linking benefit claimants and their…

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