Assad Is To Blame For ISIS! REALLY?

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

The US has called the Assad regime the root of all evil and blamed it for the existence of ISIS.

Remember Libya before the US and NATO bombed it back to the stone age under the guise of liberation. The country was stable, the people had peace, free healthcare, free education, housing, women were safe and had the right to education and choices of whom they married.

All that changed when we the Western world allowed our governments to wage war against them. It was Mohammar Gadaffi who was evil reincarnate then!

Remember Iraq before the US and NATO liberated them? Iraq was a stable country. Like Libya the people were safe, had jobs, had free health care, women had well paid jobs as doctors, lawyers professors. There was free healthcare, free education, Sunni and Shia got along, intermarried and it was safe to walk the streets at night.


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