Sometimes … the nice guys do win.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Embedded image permalinkPhoto courtesy of Andrew Sparrow @ Guardian on line


Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership with 59.5% of the votes on first round

There were 540,272 eligible voters.

Some 422,664 people cast votes

There were 207 spoilt votes.

Jeremy Corbyn: 251,417 – 59.5%

Andy Burnham: 80,462 – 19%

Yvette Cooper: 71,928 – 17%

Liz Kendall: 18,857 – 4.5%

Jeremy Corbyn won on the first round with 59.5% of the vote. That in and of itself is a monumental achievement!

Overwhelmingly democratically elected as Labour leader.

I loved it when he had a pop at “the media” over their appalling harassment of Ed Milliband and his father and indeed his own family.

I loved the way he thanked the other Labour leadership contenders – Decent people say good things about others, even if they don’t hold the same views as them; and I loved how he thanked the input…

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