May lights neon sign saying ‘out of touch!’ – AND alienates business #GE17


neon may.gifTheresa May just put up a big neon sign for the electorate

For all the Tories’ supposed polling lead, it’s hard to avoid the impression of a sense of panic in Theresa May’s campaign – and it is Theresa May’s, since her handlers appear somehow to think she’s less toxic than the Conservative party brand.

may thunderbirdsMay’s campaign is more like ‘Blunderbirds are go’. International Fiasco, not International Rescue

The leak of Labour’s draft manifesto backfired spectacularly on May and her right-wing media, giving its bold and coherent vision hugely more airtime and attention than it would otherwise have received.

Corbyn’s and Labour’s storming start to the General Election campaign, closing polling gaps and the mass welcome Labour’s policies have received seem to have the Tories in a spin, in spite of the best efforts of the Establishment media to portray the campaigns of the two main parties in a similar…

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