Conservative dark ads on Facebook grossly misrepresent Corbyn views on ‘national security’ issues

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Pg-26-sinking-reuThe real – right wing authoritarian meets Pinochet


The fake – Déjà vu: The Tories seem to imply that every Labour leader has “links” with the IRA and need a “coalition of chaos” to succeed

The Conservatives win general elections by using a combination of lying, smearing the opposition, misquoting the opposition and micro-targeted psychological manipulation that largely entails fearmongering and more lies.  Furthermore, much of this approach is being embedded in “dark ads” on social media, which target individuals, and are tailored according to the psychological profile of the recipient, to manipulate their perceptions. The profiling is based on “big data”, collected from a variety of sources, including social media platforms. The role of big data and social data and micro-targeting voters to influence voting decisions and election outcomes cannot be ignored.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), a public body in charge of data protection in Britain, began a…

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