Pact of Pandemonium! Conservatives will see Ireland BURN to keep power.

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I think I am going to have to find a phrase stronger than going full potato. The general election stalemate has led to something I never thought I would see, and the consequences are horrific.

Within 24 hours, nearly half a million stunned people have signed a petition to get the Conservatives to rethink this disastrous move.

A huge protest marchhas already converged on Downing Street (10/06/17.)


And live ‘reactions’ can be found here.

The Northern Irish party the DUP have become the linchpin for the Conservatives. With 10 seats they could form a coalition but they are being very cagey about what they will do. And their election posters suggest their motives for so doing would be to hang the Conservatives out to dry. After all when May went to the Queen to request permission to form a government, no formal agreement had been reached…

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