Truss admits: #publicsectorpay cuts all about putting money in business pockets


Liz Truss – because Philip Hammond was too cowardly to answer John McDonnell’s urgent question on it himself – spoke to the House of Commons today to try to defend the government’s years-long freeze and cap on public-sector pay. Caps that have forced nurses and other hard-working public servants even to resort to foodbanks to survive.

nurse foodbank.pngHammond is well known for car-crash interviews, but he might be wishing he’d faced the grilling instead of the hapless Truss, whose tongue loosened a bit too much and let slip a damning revelation:

That the Tories have been deliberately cutting public sector wages to put money in the pockets of business.

Tory MP Rachael McLean asked a question that pointed out that private sector pay ‘fell significantly‘ while public sector pay had ‘remained stable’ before the Tories’ attack on it – and urged the government to make sure that any…

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