Petition Calls For Review Into Professional Bias Against SEN Families

Researching Reform

A petition is calling on the government to prevent child protection professionals from incorrectly removing children from Special Educational Needs families.

The petition was created by a mother using the handle ‘Autistic Parent’, and is addressed to the Department For Education; Minister for the department, Robert Goodwill MP; Jeremy Hunt MP; and Dr Philip Lee.

In its summary, the petition states:

“False accusations of child abuse in the form of emotional harm and MSBP/FII happen across the board in the UK, but seem to be particularly focused on parents of children with special needs.

Situations such as:

  1. Asking a school to provide more support for their child or challenging lack of provision/school failings;
  2. Appealing to SENDIST regarding an EHCP;
  3. Requesting support from social services for your child’s difficulties;
  4. Seeking a health assessment for your child’s difficulties, particularly ASD, chronic fatigue, Ehlers Danlos;
  5. SEN child school-refusing;
  6. Cover-up of medical/diagnostic/administrative negligence…

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