Fears for the Skripals

All the Goss

It is widely reported that the Skripals are to be offered new identities from the CIA and MI5. Wait a minute! Who benefits from that? Not the Skripals that’s for sure. Among the minds of many people the CIA and MI6 are behind this false-flag poisoning event which gets more bizarre by the day.

Apart from a short telephone call from Yulia Skripal to her cousin Viktoria we (the public of the world) have neither heard from nor seen either of them. In that telephone call the following extract claimed that her father was all right but resting.

“Viktoria: Is this your phone?

Yulia: It’s a temporary phone. Everything is fine, but we’ll see how everything goes; we’ll decide later. You know yourself what the situation is here. Everything is fine, everything can be worked out, everyone is recovering and everyone is alive.

Viktoria: I understand! Is everything ok with your father?

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