Another key disability debate – so where were all the Tory ministers hiding?

Stop UK lies & corruption

On 24th February 2020 Debbie Abrahams tried to fight back tears as she read out the names of those who died in DWP-related circumstances.  It was the people who paid the ultimate price for the Tories being voted in since 2010.

As this was also a health and social care issue you would have thought the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care would bother to turn up for it, right?  Wrong.

We therefore asked for relevant portions of Matt Hancock’s diary for this period and there were none.  In order to account for where he may have been prior to the debate taking place we asked for the diary entry nearest to the debate – there wasn’t one!

We can only think of one reason why there were no entries in for that day.  He was having the day off (perhaps more than a day).

Hancock's day off ‘Hancock’s day…

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