20 years ago, Ireland mourned as the UVF slaughtered the innocent at Loughinisland.

Step Back Ireland


Loughinisland 18th June 1994, the sleepy village set between Downpatrick and Ballynahinch county Down settled in to watch the Republic of Ireland take on Italy in New York’s iconic Giant’s Stadium in the World Cup finals as World Cup Mania swept across Ireland north and south.

Shortly after 10pm as Ireland lead the Italians 1-0, the second half had just kicked off, and inside the Heights Bar all eyes were on the television. The bar is tiny: there were 15 men inside, and it was packed.

At approximately 10:10pm, two Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) members wearing boiler suits and balaclavas, and armed with assault rifles walked into the pub and opened fire on the crowd. Six men were killed outright, and five other people were wounded.

One of the intruders dropped to one knee and fired three bursts from an automatic rifle. Barney Green was sitting with his back…

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