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Statement by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation, Ambassador Alexander Shulgin, to the OPCW concerning the Salisbury attack

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Following on from my earlier article, below is the statement made yesterday – March 13 – by Ambassador Alexander Shulgin to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons at the Hague. I agree that the UK government need to abandon the “the language of ultimatums and threats and return to the legal framework of the chemical convention, which makes it possible to resolve this kind of situation.” 

This request seems the most reasonable solution to the current diplomatic freeze and the safest regarding what has now become a tactical impasse – which makes an escalation of hostilities more likely. 

Mutual cooperation from both member states on this matter with an independent, international arbitrator, while operating within a framework of our international norms and laws, would open up possibilities to prevent this conflict from escalating further, which could ultimately end with potentially catastrophic consequences all round. 

Statement by Permanent…

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Russian Deaths An MI6 False Flag

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that Russia will respond regarding the alleged poisoning of 66-year-old ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia only after an official request from the British government.

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Petition Calls For Review Into Professional Bias Against SEN Families

Researching Reform

A petition is calling on the government to prevent child protection professionals from incorrectly removing children from Special Educational Needs families.

The petition was created by a mother using the handle ‘Autistic Parent’, and is addressed to the Department For Education; Minister for the department, Robert Goodwill MP; Jeremy Hunt MP; and Dr Philip Lee.

In its summary, the petition states:

“False accusations of child abuse in the form of emotional harm and MSBP/FII happen across the board in the UK, but seem to be particularly focused on parents of children with special needs.

Situations such as:

  1. Asking a school to provide more support for their child or challenging lack of provision/school failings;
  2. Appealing to SENDIST regarding an EHCP;
  3. Requesting support from social services for your child’s difficulties;
  4. Seeking a health assessment for your child’s difficulties, particularly ASD, chronic fatigue, Ehlers Danlos;
  5. SEN child school-refusing;
  6. Cover-up of medical/diagnostic/administrative negligence…

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Disability Income Guarantee abolished under Universal Credit rules – a sly and cruel cut

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social justice manMany of us have said previously that the government’s ‘flagship’ policy, Universal Credit (UC), is about implementing further cuts to welfare support by stealth. However, the loss of income to disabled people through hidden cuts has been under-reported. 

Despite the systematic cuts to support that was originally calculated to provide sufficient support meet the costs of citizens’ basic living needs, UC is on course to deliver only marginal taxpayer savings despite driving through the huge cuts in benefit payments to many claimants, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), last month.

Disabled people who qualified for the support component of income-related Employment and Support Allowance and (ESA) are also eligible for a disability premium. This is also called the Disability Income Guarantee. However, as a result of the abolition of both the severe disability premium (SDP) and enhanced disability premium (EDP) under UC rules, according to the disability charity, Scope, 

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Universal Credit journey so far….


It has been one week since I was told I would have to go through Universal Credit (UC) to claim Statutory Sick Pay for my fractured ankle. This is due to being a ‘low earner’ from my part-time job I have whilst funding my post-graduate studies. I have never had any dealings with the welfare system but with my interest in politics, particularly working practices, I decided to blog my experience to expose the unfair and inhumane process of UC.

I was completely unaware of what I was walking into with this process. I would also reinforce the rhetoric heard in the left-leaning media about the lengthy and potentially problematic online application. The first surprise is that UC is not an individual claim; it is based on household income. This in itself has Tory ideology written all over it. Even if you live with a partner or family this system…

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