Not one day more: Tory councillor suspended for sneering racism and vindictive Tory anti-welfarism

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Rosemary Carroll

Councillor Rosemary Carroll

A Conservative councillor has been suspended for her sneering racism and despicable prejudice regarding welfare claimants. Some media outlets have described the comments as a “joke”. It wasn’t.

Rosemary Carroll, a Conservative councillor, shared a post about a man asking for benefits for his pet dog, making offensive rascist comparisons.

She was Mayor of Pendle until last month but was suspended from her party after the post appeared on her account this week.

The local Conservative branch posted a statement about the “inappropriate post” on Facebook after the allegations came to light.

Councillor Joe Cooney, leader of the Conservatives on Pendle Council, said Councillor Rosemary Carroll was suspended pending an investigation.

The comments, which have now been deleted, compared an Asian person claiming support to a dog. 

Speaking before the suspension was confirmed, Carroll said she had meant to delete the post but ended up publishing it…

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Ireland is burning! Part 2

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In part 1 of the Ireland blogs, the ramifications of a Conservative/DUP deal was looked at and deemed impossible. But today (26/06/17) it went ahead anyway. All I can think of is this song

MPs from all the major parties have argued that abortion should be provided on the NHS in England for Northern Irish women, in an amendment to the Queen’s speech, to throw a shot across the bows over the Conservative plans to ally with the anti-gay, anti-abortion, creationist, Loyalist (pro British so with close links to the terrorist organisations the UDA who gunned down Colin Horner last month among many others and the UVF who even last year were still trying their bully boy tacticsDUP party of Northern Ireland, despite the fact that this WILL lead to a constitutional crisis.

  1. Both parties are being taken to court over this, and…

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Cabinet Manual: #May can’t wait past today to show majority


The Cabinet Office publishes a manual outlining the rights, responsibilities and functioning of government. It is a formal document, issued by Parliament and it is available for any interested member of the public to download.

cab man coverThe manual has a section on how government begins when a party has an outright majority in Parliament – and a section on what must happen when no party has a majority.

In that section, at the bottom of page 14, is a paragraph that, in plain and simple English, states that Theresa May is behaving unlawfully in delaying the Queen’s Speech:

cab man“An incumbent government is entitled to wait until the new Parliament has met to see if it can command the confidence of the House‘.

As of today, Parliament has met. Jeremy Corbyn entered the House of Commons to a standing ovation from his party, new MPs took their…

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What May’s desperation is pushing us back to. She cares not #DUP #Drumcree


quinn lads.pngJason, Mark and Richard Quinn – and their funeral

The Times reports that the DUP, emboldened by the clear desperation and lack of options of a weak and flailing Tory party, is pushing for the full slate of demands it prepared for a possible coalition agreement before the 2015 election. Several DUP MPs are also said to be queasy about the public backlash against them in Britain and party leader Arlene Foster wants to sweeten the pot to convince doubters.

But so weak is the Tories’ position that the DUP is understood to be pushing for even more – and the Orange Order has already demanded that DUP leader Arlene Foster include the resumption of its infamous ‘Drumcree march‘ in the requirements of any agreement with Theresa May:

drumcreeBut memories – at least outside Northern Ireland – are short. Many of us will not remember what happened less…

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Pact of Pandemonium! Conservatives will see Ireland BURN to keep power.

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Straight talking, honest blogging:
I think I am going to have to find a phrase stronger than going full potato. The general election stalemate has led to something I never thought I would see, and the consequences…

May’s coalition can’t work – because of a TORY law #BadFridayAgreement

Source: May’s coalition can’t work – because of a TORY law #BadFridayAgreement

May’s coalition can’t work – because of a TORY law #BadFridayAgreement


The SKWAWKBOX understands that a senior Tory is in Belfast today for discussions with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) with a view to establishing a formal coalition rather than a ‘confidence and supply arrangement’ (CSA).

However, either arrangement may in fact be unlawful.

In late 2015, against the objections of Labour, the SNP and other parties, the Tory government rammed through its ‘English votes for English laws’ (EVEL) legislation:

evel.pngThe Tories had tabled a bill under the coalition, out of a desire to prevent Labour and SNP MPs, who dominated Scotland, from hampering Conservative plans – and David Cameron also wanted to appease ‘little England’.

That bill became law and was used for the first time in January last year:

evel1This means that on any ‘England only’ or ‘England and Wales only’ matters, the DUP would have no standing and would not be entitled to vote. As the SNP would also be…

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